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Learn on Demand Awards: Blackboard Catalyst, i2012 bronze award, and the WOW award

A price you can afford. Tuition at Learn on Demand is among the lowest in the nation. Even better, individual modules cost a fraction of that amount—as little as $60 for critical skills training from fully accredited institutions.
The credit you deserve. Don't rehash material you already know. If you can test out of a course, you'll earn full credit. We call it credit for prior knowledge. You'll call it awesome.

The skills you need. Learn on Demand prepares you for high-demand careers. With our flexible start-anytime system, you can quickly acquire the skills you need to earn a promotion, professional certification, or an online degree. Best of all, Learn on Demand offers learning that transfers to other schools and can be eligible for financial aid.

On your schedule. At Learn on Demand, you can start whenever you're ready. Unlike the rigid schedules of other online colleges, we offer a truly on-demand education. You also have the flexibility between choosing from full courses or modules.

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Improve Your Skills

Even if you already have a good job, Learn on Demand supplies the crucial workforce training to take it to the next level.

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Jumpstart Your Career

If you're considering a career change or looking for that first great job, Learn on Demand is a fast, affordable way to train for on-demand positions.

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Earn a Degree

Already have an academic program in mind? Get a two-year degree or a short-term credential, that transfers.

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College Readiness Courses

Need help building your reading, writing, or math skills? College Readiness helps build skills for success in college level classes.