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Prior to initial enrollment in open-entry study through Learn on Demand, students must agree to the terms outlined in the Learning Contract (pdf download). The contract will be completed as part of the admission application. A Learning Contract is an agreement of the mutual understandings and expectations to study and complete courses or modules following the standards outlined within this document.

KCTCS Online: Learn on Demand Student Learning Contract

In order to register for course modules, students must select a start date for each course module and accept the subsequent end date (this date will be available to students prior to completing the registration process). The class end date is the required date by which the course module and terms of the Learning Contract must be completed. Maximum lengths of time for course module completion are determined by the credit hours that are awarded for each module as follows: 

Course or Module Credit Hour Maximum Length of Time for Course or Module Completion
 .1 to .5  3 weeks
 .6 to 1.0  5 weeks
 1.1 to 1.5  8 weeks
 1.6 to 2.0  10 weeks
 2.1 to 2.5  13 weeks
2.6 and above  15 weeks

For example, a course or module that is offered for 0.4 credit hours would be required to be completed within three weeks. During the registration process, a student will select a start date for the course or module and the end date will auto-populate based upon the schedule above.

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