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Due to current federal financial aid regulations some features of Learn on Demand are not currently available. For more information please call 1-866-321-7406.

Tuition Rates

At Learn on Demand, we like to keep things simple, especially when it comes to your money. We charge a flat rate per credit hour, so it's easy to calculate the cost of your education.



Learn on Demand offers low in-state tuition for all of our online students. Tuition is among the lowest in the country putting Higher Education within your reach.


Tuition at KCTCS Learn on Demand is affordable

Pay by the module or the course

Our tuition is among the lowest in the nation, but it can get even lower. Learn on Demand offers 2 types of classes: full courses or modules.  Modules are bite-sized chunks of full courses that can be completed in three to eight weeks. Most modules count for less than a full credit hour. So if you only need to take one module, you would only pay a portion of the full tuition.

With this option, you have a tremendous flexibility. You can choose to take an entire course (ex: IT 250 Introduction to Security) or just the one module you need (ex: IT 2502 Basics of Cryptography).

Tell me more about modules

You only take the "chunk" of a class you need. That chunk is called a module, and you only pay for that module. What does that mean to you? How about some simple math to answer that?

Let's say a full course is 3 credit hours. At $147 per credit hour, that's $441. Now let's say that course is made up of 6 modules. For any module you take, you're paying only $73.50 in tuition!

Charges for e-Resources and other Course Materials

There are some extra charges for most courses, including a required eResources charge. Those charges are listed for each class. The good news? The eResources for a course or module usually represent a fraction of what buying an entire traditional textbook would cost. Why? Because you're only paying for the exact content you need and the eResource is entirely digital — no expensive shipping, heavy backpacks, or nightmare used book hassle.

Some courses require extra materials you may need to buy on your own: computer speakers, software like Microsoft Excel, or other items. This information will be outlined in your class syllabus.
There may also be other special circumstances where additional charges may apply such as labs, experiential education, etc.  These other charges will always be spelled out for you before you take a course. You will find these charges listed under Required Resources when you view course details.

Tuition and Fee Information

Tuition and fees are determined by the Kentucky Community and Technical College System Board of Regents. For payment deadlines, refer to the college academic calendar.

Please review our Comprehensive list of all KCTCS Tuition Rates and Charges for full details.

Tuition and charges are assessed at the time of registration and based upon a per credit hour rate for all KCTCS colleges regardless of whether the courses are taken during the day, evening, and/or on weekends and regardless of whether the courses are taken for credit or audit purposes. Fractional credit hour tuition and charges are assessed for modular credit offerings (i.e., a student taking ¼ credit hour course would be assessed ¼ rate of student with same residency taking a 1 credit hour course). Tuition and charges are refundable as per the "Refunds" section. Charges for services are non-refundable unless specifically stated as refundable. Consult with the Go KCTCS! Student Service Center for specifics.