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What We Offer

Learn your way, to meet your needs

Learn on Demand is higher education on your terms. We offer affordable, accredited college programs designed to fit your goals and your work schedule.

Learn on Demand is the first of its kind to offer modules or full courses. Modules are bite-sized classes that focus on a single job skill or academic topic and can be completed in three to eight weeks.

Modules give you unparalleled flexibility and control of your education.

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Even if you already have a good job, Learn on Demand supplies the crucial workforce training to take it to the next level. Find Out More

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If you're considering a career change or looking for that first great job, Learn on Demand is a fast, affordable way to train for on-demand positions. Start Here

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Already have an academic program in mind? Get a two-year degree or a short-term credential, transferrable and fully accredited. Check Out Our Programs

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Need help building your reading, writing, or math skills? College Readiness helps build skills for success in college level classes. Find Out More