A revolution in higher education

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What Makes Learn on Demand Revolutionary?

A revolution in online education, Learn on Demand offers both full courses and bite-size classes.  A full course is like a regular college course and lasts about 15 weeks, whereas a Module is a portion of a full course and only lasts 3-8 weeks. With Learn on Demand you have the choice of completing a course one module at a time or signing up for the entire course at once depending upon schedule and payment method.

Why is Learn on Demand better?

The flexible nature of the start-anytime system lets you quickly acquire the skills you need to earn a promotion or professional certification. Or you can earn a fully-accredited degree, certificates, or diploma. With Learn on Demand, you're free to pick and choose the courses or modules that meet your educational goals. If you want to learn a specific skill for your job, then you only have to register and pay for that one module that teaches that skill. You save money by only paying for the modules that you need. If you want to earn an associate degree in Business Administration, then you have the power to build your degree course by course or module by module.

With Learn on Demand, you'll never have to rehash material you already know. If you can test out of a parent course or module, you'll earn the credit for the same tuition rate without having to do all the coursework. We call it credit for prior learning. You'll call it awesome.

With Learn on Demand, you can begin a new course whenever you're ready. Unlike other online colleges with fixed course schedules, we offer the first truly on-demand education.

Can you give me some examples?

Example 1: Let's say you're a newspaper journalist who wants to switch over to the Web, but all of the jobs require basic knowledge of HTML. Instead of spending several hundred dollars and six months completing a course on Web Page Development, you can sign up for a specific module called HTML Concepts. In three to eight weeks, you'll have the skills you need just in time for that new job.

Example 2: After two years writing for the Web, you decide that you really want to help design web sites as well. With the flexibility of Learn on Demand, you can go back and take the other three modules to complete the Web Page Development course.

Example 3: After a few more years, you find yourself even more interested in the technologies that make the Web work. Your company has a position open in IT, but you don't have the necessary training. With Learn on Demand, you can apply the credit you've already earned from the Web Page Development modules toward a 24 credit hour Information Technology Fundamentals Certificate. You can sign up for the rest of the required credits via modules or parent courses.

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