Prior to initial enrollment in open-entry study through Learn on Demand, students must agree to the terms outlined in the Learning Contract (pdf download). The contract will be completed as part of the admission application. A Learning Contract is an agreement of the mutual understandings and expectations to study and complete courses or modules following the standards outlined within this document.

KCTCS Online: Learn on Demand Student Learning Contract

In order to register for course modules, students must select a start date for each course module and accept the subsequent end date (this date will be available to students prior to completing the registration process). The class end date is the required date by which the course module and terms of the Learning Contract must be completed. Maximum lengths of time for course module completion are determined by the credit hours that are awarded for each module as follows: 

Course or Module Credit Hour Maximum Length of Time for Course or Module Completion
 .1 to .5  3 weeks
 .6 to 1.0  5 weeks
 1.1 to 1.5  8 weeks
 1.6 to 2.0  10 weeks
 2.1 to 2.5  13 weeks
2.6 and above  15 weeks

For example, a course or module that is offered for 0.4 credit hours would be required to be completed within three weeks. During the registration process, a student will select a start date for the course or module and the end date will auto-populate based upon the schedule above.

KCTCS Online: Learn on Demand Course Formats

KCTCS Online: Learn On Demand courses are offered in two formats: full courses or modules. The modularized credit format allows students to register for courses that are components of the full course. For example, IT 100 may be taken as IT 100 or as modules: IT 1001, IT 1002, and IT 1003. The sum of the modularized credit courses (IT 1001, IT 1002, and IT 1003) is equal to the full course (IT 100). If a student takes a full course, that course will appear on the transcript in the term in which the student earned the credit. If a student takes a modularized course, it will display on the transcript in the term the student earned the credit and once all modules of the full course are earned, the full course will appear on the transcript. When a student registers for a General Education module, the student must complete all of the modules in that series to fulfill General Education category requirements, e.g., ECO 101 – 3 credits meets the Social Interaction category requirement. If ECO 101 has three modules, ECO 1011, 1012, and 1013, all three ECO 101 modules must be completed before the Social Interaction category requirement will be fulfilled. The student cannot take three modularized courses from three different parent courses to meet the general education category requirement, e.g., ANT 1011, ECO 1011, and PY 1101.

Student Responsibilities

KCTCS Online students understand that that they are responsible for fulfilling the following requirements:

  • Check your KCTCS webmail regularly. All official communications will be sent to your KCTCS webmail.
  • Complete and submit all course or module assignments and written activities to the assigned instructor within Blackboard or otherwise specified.
  • If and when applicable, complete lab assignments during scheduled lab times as required. Successfully completion all requirements before taking the course or module’s post-assessment.
  • Successfully complete all requirements for a course or module prior to beginning a subsequent course module in the series (unless concurrent activity is appropriate).
  • Maintain communication with the instructor regarding progress as defined in the course or module syllabus.
  • Complete all course or module requirements on or before the end date specified during the registration process.
  • Successfully complete all of the courses or modules in the series of a given course in order to receive credit for that course, e.g., BA 212 – If BA 212 has three modules, BA 2121, BA 2122, and BA 2123, all three BA 212 modules must be completed in order to receive credit for BA 212.
  • Pay all tuition and charges (Required eResources) in full prior to the beginning of course or module. Delinquent accounts are subject to referral to the Kentucky State Department of Revenue or other outside collection agency resulting in additional fees.


  • KCTCS Online: Learn on Demand students understand that dropping an open-entry course or module prior to the start date will result in a 100% refund.
  • Learn on Demand students understand that dropping an open-entry section after the start of the course or module will result in no refund (0%), regardless of when they enrolled in the course or module.
  • Learn on Demand students understand that if they enroll in the full course and complete only a portion of that course or module, they will receive NO partial credit for the modules within the course.
  • Learn on Demand students understand that if they drop a course or module after the mid-point of the maximum class length without the instructor’s approval, they will receive a failing grade (E) for the class.
  • Learn on Demand students understand that if they are administratively dropped for failing to fulfill responsibilities defined in the Learning Contract, they will receive no refund (0%).
  • Learn on Demand students clearly understand, and agree to the provisions of this Learning Contract, and further acknowledge that enrolling in open-entry study constitutes acceptance of all terms and conditions as stated.