Third Party

Student may have an outside agencies (known as a Third Party) pay for tuition and charges.

Third Party Sponsors

A third party sponsor is an organization that arranges to pay for individual student tuition and charges, and is not owned by you or a family member. Once the student has been assessed and the home college receives the authorization from the organization, the tuition and charges are moved from the students account to a third party sponsor account and then billed. If you are sponsored by a third party, it is your responsibility to work with the organization to provide your home college with an authorization for payment document. The authorization must be mailed or faxed to your home campus Business Office. Please contact the Go KCTCS! Student Service Center for your college's fax number and additional information. It is recommended that you review your account online to ensure that the tuition and charges have been transferred to the third party responsible for payment. Otherwise, you will be cancelled from your classes for non-payment.