Code Of Conduct

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Learn on Demand students, faculty, and staff form an academic community that, while sharing certain characteristics with other types of associations, organizations, and societies, is rightly considered unique as a community, and should be governed, respected, and supported as a college community. Learn on Demand has an obligation to maintain an atmosphere of academic freedom, to set and maintain standards of scholarship and conduct for students, and to provide awareness for responsible student citizenship in the academic community.

Through the KCTCS Code of Student Conduct (pdf download), Learn on Demand recognizes that students have the right to know circumstances and manner in which disciplinary provisions will be exercised and advises students that such provisions will be enforced. According to the rights found in the United States Constitution, all students will be afforded due process. The following is covered in the KCTCS Code of Student Conduct:

  • Introduction
  • Article I – Student Rights and Responsibilities
  • Article II - Academic Policies and Procedures
  • Article III – Non-Academic Disciplinary Policies and Procedures
  • Article IV - Policies Governing Access To and Use of KCTCS Computing Resources
  • Article V - The College as Supervisor of Student Organizations
  • Compliance Statement