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Academic Resources

If you are undecided about a major and about the institution to which you wish to transfer, you may find it helpful to review the What We Offer section. You may also find these sites helpful in deciding on a major or course of study:


KnowHow2GoKy is an interactive web site that outlines the steps to college for middle and high school students, transfer students, and adults at different stages of their education.

For students interested in transfer, the web site features a special section on transfer including three steps to transfer, and planning tools to help navigate the transfer process, explore careers, search colleges/universities and find financial aid. The Transfer Handbook is available electronically at


The Go Higher Kentucky Website helps Kentuckians plan, apply, and pay for college. The site includes online admissions and financial aid applications, as well as services for adult education and GEAR UP Kentucky participants



Every Learn on Demand student has access to DISCOVER, a job planning web site. DISCOVER will help you learn about careers that suit your skills and personality. The site will also help you search for jobs in your preferred field. Contact our job placement coordinator to gain access to DISCOVER, and let us help put you to work!