Jon 22 is a US Army veteran and now in the Kentucky National Guard – he wants to study computer technology...

Jon is 22 and a Sergeant in the Kentucky National Guard with the 138th Field Artillery based in Lexington. He was on active duty for 3 years with the US Army 7th Cavalry and completed a combat tour in Iraq. Jon is working as a mechanic at his uncle’s garage and wants to go to college to study computers and information technology. Jon knows there are some education benefits he qualifies for but isn’t sure what they are. He also knows there is a good chance he may be deployed overseas with his Guard unit sometime in the next two years and isn’t sure how that may affect his studies.

Jon has some questions . . .
  1. Is there money from the Army or Guard that will help pay for my classes?
  2. Will I have to pay for some of my classes?
  3. Do I get any college credit for my military training?
  4. I work a lot of hours, can I take all my classes online?
  5. If I get deployed, is there a penalty if I stop taking classes for a year?
  6. Can I keep taking online classes if I’m deployed in the Middle East?

The first thing Jon did was to contact one of the Student Success Coaches in the KCTCS Learn on Demand Program. ( He learned a lot.

Some Learn on Demand programs are approved to receive GI Bill benefits. The GI Bill (the generic term comprising various education assistance programs administered by the Department of Veterans Affairs) provides benefits to veterans, service members, reservists, and some dependents of disabled or deceased veterans wishing to pursue an education. For more information, please contact the Go KCTCS! Student Service Center.

After submitting the proper documentation to the Veterans Affairs personnel, you will be notified of your benefits and be advised by your Virtual Student Success Coach for next steps and payment requirements if needed. All students should review the Learning Contract before beginning a Learn on Demand course.

Many Learn on Demand students arrive with substantial education and professional experience. Instead of making you rehash material you already know, we make it easy to earn credit for prior knowledge.I n a typical Learn on Demand class, you earn credit by completing all of the assignments and passing the final exam. This can take anywhere from three to fifteen weeks. Another option is to test out of the class and receive credit immediately.When you first register for a course, you're asked to take a pre-test to assess your grasp of the course material. If you score high on the pre-test, you have the option to immediately take the post-test, the equivalent of a final exam. If you score well on the post-test, you can choose to accept that score as your final grade and receive full credit for the class. Keep in mind that if you choose to test out of the course, you will need to complete any other assignments affecting the final course grade.

No, there is no penalty if you need to stop taking classes for a year due to deployment. Additionally, as long as you have internet access you may take your classes anywhere you want.