Mary is 34 recently laid off from her job as a bookkeeper she wants to become a nurse...

Mary is 34 and has worked a few different jobs. Mary’s first job was cashiering part time at a Minit Mart during high school. After graduation, she got a job full time as a cashier at Food City. Mary and Carl were both 20 when they got married. After Carl Junior was born two years later, Mary was able to work part time. Three years ago, one of Mary and Carl’s friends started a new business selling medical products to nursing homes and assisted living centers and offered Mary a part time job running the office and doing book keeping. Mary taught herself how to use an online accounting program for the company. Unfortunately the company hit some hard times and Mary was laid off a few months ago. She learned enough about medical business that she decided to become a nurse. Mary and Carl don’t have a lot of money saved and realize they will need some help paying for her school. Mary likes using a computer and have one at home that is only a year old. Mary is ready to get started.

Mary has a few questions . . .
  1. What do I need to do before I enroll in my first class?
  2. Because I was laid off, is there any money I can get to pay for my classes?
  3. What types of loans can I get?
  4. Who can help me decide which nursing program is right for me?
  5. If I’m taking a class and need some help studying, is there someone I can call?

The first thing Mary did was to contact one of the Student Success Coaches in the KCTCS Learn on Demand Program. She learned a lot.

The first step is to work with your Virtual Student Success Coach to be advised about your interests and academic plans. Your advisor will guide you through the orientation, the Learning Contract, assessment and placing and any other student services issues such as financial aid guidance.

Students can apply for Subsidized Direct or Unsubsidized Direct loans. Financial aid for the Learn on Demand program functions a little differently than financial aid for courses on campus or online through Learn By Term. Contact the Go KCTCS! Student Service Center for more information.

Learn on Demand provides every student with a network of Virtual Student Success Coaches that will guide you through the decision making process. You will be assigned your own personal Coach who will guide you every step of the way.

Students can enhance their academic success by taking advantage of course-specific tutoring available through Learn on Demand. Course-specific tutoring is provided at no additional cost to Learn on Demand students.