Website Privacy Policy

Learn on Demand is committed to respecting the privacy of the users of this web site ( and any other web sites which it owns, controls, operates, or maintains.

Briefly, Learn on Demand protects your privacy in these ways, subject to our full Privacy Policy:

Statutory Requirements

  • Learn on Demand complies with the protections established under the U.S. Family Educational Rights & Privacy Act (FERPA).


  • Learn on Demand assigns user IDs and passwords to its students for use in secure areas of the Website, such as Student Registration and Blackboard.
  • These IDs and passwords provide access to your personal information. For your own protection, you are encouraged never to share them.

Secure Areas

  • Learn on Demand contains secure areas for student and faculty use. Examples are Blackboard and Student Accounts.
  • You will be notified upon entering and leaving secure areas.
  • While you are logged in to a secure area, Learn on Demand uses SSL encryption to protect the data you are viewing.


  • Learn on Demand uses “cookies”—files which help Learn on Demand remember which preferences you set in our pages and which pages you visited. Cookies do not store your email or personal information. We do not use them to share cookie data with external third parties. You can set your Web browser to accept cookies, disable them, or remove them at your option.

Web Server Logs and Network Data

  • Our Web servers log certain information about your connection to the site. This information typical of all Web server logs. Examples are:
    • Your IP and Internet Service Provider domain name
    • Your computer’s operating system and browser version.
    • The date and time you accessed Learn on Demand or any of its domains
    • Which web pages you viewed on our web server
    • Which page you used to come to our web server
  • We do not log personal information such as email address or user ID/password.
  • Learn on Demand uses this information in aggregate to help us understand how to improve your experience our web site. We use it to track general trends about how our web site is being used and about the performance of our servers.